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June 2015 Meeting


Come meet Hartford’s mayoral candidates.


Join Us for Dialogue w/Mayoral Candidates at June’s Monthly Coalition Meeting


SMC Offices - 75 Charter Oak Ave. 06106


June 20, 2015 at 2:00:00 PM

Come meet Hartford’s mayoral candidates; ask them to support continued expansion of quality, integrated education.

The Sheff Movement is pleased to welcome most of Hartford’s mayoral candidates to our monthly coalition meeting on June 20th. We will use this opportunity to provide an update on progress toward achieving access to a quality, integrated education for all students in the Hartford region. We will engage in a structured dialogue with the candidates to learn how their leadership would support our coalition’s goals.

To emphasize the positive impact that Sheff programs are having on the Hartford community, we will highlight some of this year’s award-winning magnet school programs, including Breakthrough Magnet School, R.J. Kinsella Magnet School of the Performing Arts, the Connecticut IB Academy, and Academy of Aerospace and Engineering.

Mayor Pedro Segarra will be in CA attending the Annual US Conference of Mayors on June 20th, but we have confirmations from candidates Luke Bronin, Joel Cruz, John Gale, Robert Killian, Theodore Cannon, and Giselle Jacobs.

We hope that you will join us for this important gathering to make sure the candidates understand the importance of continued support for the region’s magnet schools, Open Choice and other Sheff programs.

Read the report of what happened at this event.

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