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The Sheff Movement is a coalition of parents, students, educators, and community members working to assure access to quality integrated education for every child in the Hartford region.

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This is what is happening in our community.

UConn Law Honors John Brittain, Original Sheff Lawyer: Read Full Article

Article from Hartford Courant: UConn Law honors John Brittain, original Sheff lawyer, 33 years after school desegregation suit was filed

Sheff on WSHU Public Radio

After 33 years in Connecticut courts, a Hartford school integration lawsuit reaches a new settlement.

Magnet School Funding in Jeopardy

In 1996, the Connecticut Supreme Court (Court) decided with the plaintiffs in Sheff v. O’Neill and charged the Connecticut General Assembly to correct unequal educational opportunities faced by public school children in Hartford. Today, due to Sheff v. O’Neill, there are thousands of students attending forty-three (43) magnet schools; students attending Open Choice districts, and students attending technical high schools in response to the Sheff decision. However, funding for Sheff initiatives, most especially Sheff magnet schools, is in jeopardy.

During the 2023 Connecticut General Assembly, legislators passed a bill that placed a cap on magnet school tuition at 58% of the actual cost of providing education in Sheff magnets. Further, this legislation prohibits magnet school operators from increasing their present rate of tuition for local districts to compensate for this reduction. These changes may dictate drastic cuts to magnet school programming, including the potential of loss of staff and educational resources.

Lastly, in recent years, the Regional School Choice Program has been stagnant, caused by many local municipalities not opening seats for Hartford students interested in educational choice. The Sheff Movement coalition (SMC) advocates that all municipalities should be required to support the Choice Program.

To address these concerns, SMC calls upon students and parents of students who attend magnet and Open Choice schools; educators and administrators of magnet and Open Choice districts, and members of community-at-large to advocate in support of the following:

Sheff Movement coalition - ‘24 Legislative Advocacy Agenda
1. Ensuring that the $150 million in the state's FY 25 budget for education remains for education.
2. Ensuring that the funding set aside to address FY 25 magnet school tuition gap faced by Sheff Magnets is allocated to Sheff Magnets.
3. Restoring the ability to allow magnets to increase local tuition if tuition deficits resulting from state budget appropriations occur.
4. Promoting increased state education funding so that all public school operators have sufficient funding to keep pace with inflation.
5. Granting the state Commissioner of Education the authority to identify Open Choice seats in school districts that must be made available to enroll
Open Choice student applicants in order to fulfill the goals of the 2022 Sheff settlement.

Office of Governor Ned Lamont
State Capitol
210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
Local phone number (Hartford area): 860-586-4840
Toll-free: 800-406-1527
TDD: 860-524-7397

Contact the Education Committee Co-chairpersons:
Legislative Office Building, Room 3100
Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 240-0420
Contact the Education Committee Co-chairpersons:
State Senator Douglas McCrory: (860) 240-1453;
State Representative Jeff Currey: (860) 240-8585, 800-842-8267;


The Sheff Movement is a coalition of parents, students, educators, and community members working to assure access to quality integrated education for every child in the Hartford region. Our coalition has an extensive track record of success illustrative of its past, present, and future capacity to effect change. A deep commitment to this work is our greatest strength. We have been meeting monthly for approximately 20 years (among other things), demonstrating a sustained community commitment to actualizing Sheff v. O'Neill's vision of quality integrated education.

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